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Sarah, Utah

My lifestyle of healthy eating includes

prep'd foods and portion control, the insert system makes it easy to meal plan


Nancy, Washington

I like my food hot and the inserts are easy to reheat in the microwave when I am on the go

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Rick, Toronto

At the end of day, I can throw the inserts into the dishwasher and not having to worry about it since I have many inserts I can use

To make sure save money, I bring my lunch to work every day. The plastic freezable containers allow me to portion control and make sure I don't throw out food by packing more than I can eat.

I have been using this product for the last few months and I honestly can say that I don't know how I packed lunches before it. Durable, safe to use, and easy to transport make it so much easier for me to prepare the night before. The fact that all the containers are dishwasher safe is also a fantastic and efficient feature.

Would definitely recommend this product and will continue to use it. 

The thermal system allows for easy transport and keeps the contents inside warm, or cool -- depending on what I need.


This container system has been a handy new addition in my kitchen. I've been using the containers when making bigger batches of food for friends to freeze and reheat.  I also cook frequently for my daughter who has found these containers very convenient to bring to work where she can reheat a healthy meal in minutes.  Well done!

Tried it, love it!

Parent tested, Parent Approved! winner
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